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Case Study – Frazer Brookes

By Krista Bakker

January 20, 2022

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The business

Frazer Brookes is the #1 Social Media Trainer In Network Marketing Industry. Over the last few years Frazer has become the number one generic coach, trainer and speaker inside of the Network Marketing industry on all things social media. He has spoken on stages in over 30 countries, including some of the biggest companies in the industry as well as the GoPro stage in 2018 and 2019.
Not only did he build his own organisation to over 300,000 customers from 2010-2016 but he has helped hundreds of thousands of people in the Network Marketing arena level up, recruit more, and become true professionals. His best selling books "I Dare You" and "I Double Dare You" have become global phenomenons and he is excited for the chance to help you become the next success story.

The Problem

In the beginning, it was enough to follow up with his first time buyers by email and messenger and get to know people personally to have them join his Inner Circle. In order to grow Frazer knew he had to streamline that process and step out of being involved personally. In his industry, it is common to have people sign a contract when they join a higher ticket program. It was difficult to keep track when people hadn't signed right away and some contracts never got signed because there was no follow up.

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The Work

We started by setting up an onboarding campaign for new buyers to invite them to book a call with one of his coaches. Within that campaign we created a follow up sequence with homework for the second coaching call. After that, when people decided to become part of the Inner Circle we created a welcome campaign where they got all the information needed, AND a campaign to remember people to sign a contract.

The Results

Streamlined customer journey.
Clients are booking appointments with coaches without having to manually having to hunt them down. Also by automating the invitations, the number of bookings increased. 

Contracts are getting signed
There are no more contracts falling through the cracks, because the reminders will help people to sign.

Time can be spent on coaching instead administration
By automating the emails sent by a coach, they don't have to spend time anymore on administration and can focus on clients and have more calls or more free time per day.

“In one campaign we were able to streamline the customer journey from a first time buyer to a high ticket long term member.”

About Krista Bakker - The Digital Dutchess

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