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What is Email Marketing Automation?

By Krista Bakker

June 15, 2022

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Email marketing automation allows companies the freedom and flexibility they need in order to focus on growing their business. A company can save money by automating strategic campaigns, freeing up time for other pressing matters like client growth or product development!
  • You can increase the number of potential customers by expanding your contact list, sending targeted messages and including strong CTAs. This will help you encourage leads to subscribe or buy!
  • Send welcome emails or a series of automated emails that bring your prospects to top of funnel
  • Creating the right email marketing automation will ensure that your campaign is sent at an appropriate time in order to engage with potential customers and appointments.
  • Automated emails should be personalized for each recipient, so if you want them all or only some of these individuals on board this service make sure it’s possible!

Perks of Using Email Automation

One of the biggest benefits of using a automation is saving time. Email marketing automation platforms are a major contributor to those valuable time savings.
Here’s a list of benefits you can experience by using  email automation.

More personalization

Email marketing automation makes it easy to create highly personalized and targeted email campaigns. Systems like these can track customer engagement across your content, build a campaign based on their observed preferences for specific messages or products- thus ensuring higher conversions than ever before!

Time efficient.

What if you could combine all of your customer data into one easy-to use platform? That's what automated email marketing systems do. They integrate with CRM and project management software, consolidating information in real time so that when an event occurs (like purchasing something), then they send out personalized emails based on who purchased from which source.
This purchase is called a trigger. Email marketing include a lot of triggers, for example a purchase but also when the invoice is paid or a appointment is scheduled.

Grow at scale

When your company's marketing needs increase, an automated system can accommodate these desires without needing to hire new employees or spend money on contractor services.

Segment and target customers

With automated email follow up software, you can take your lead generation and conversion rates to the next level by automatically segmenting leads based on their interactions with content from different time periods.

Stay in touch

An other benefit of email marketing is that it can be used for drip campaigns. A standard feature on most platforms is the ability to send out messages at set intervals over time or weeks - this type of campaign could potentially help you nurture leads and remind them about what makes your company so great!

Build a relationship 

You can measure loyalty by tracking touchpoints and gaining feedback from customers on how they feel about your product/services throughout their journey. Use automation to determine who you're loyal followers are, offer incentives for referrals.

The best email marketing automation tools help you be consistent as you engage with your leads across many channels in real time. Sales email automation software can also help you stay top of mind for prospects, those who are most likely to purchase.

Imagine a world where you could configure and send emails for your business 24/7, even while sleeping. This is possible with the help of email automation software like Keap which makes it easier to follow best practices so that sending messages can be done quickly without any hassle on our end!

The email marketing automation is an excellent way to keep in touch with your customers, especially if they're already on the list. You can use CRM as well and generate leads from those who are interested.

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