How Often Should You Email Your List – Email Marketing Tips

When should you start emailing your list? How often should you email your list? And how should you send the emails? All good questions that I am answering in this blogpost!

The first answer is yes! You need to start sending emails as soon as there is one person in your list.

How often can you commit yourself to email your list

There are companies who send out emails every day, sometimes more than one per day but there are companies who send out emails once a week.
The key to being successful with email marketing is consistency. You need a plan for how often you will send out emails, and then stick with it! Whether its once per day or two times - just make sure that you stay consistent.

Schedule a special moment to write emails, for example once a week.

You can:

  • Send broadcast emails
  • Create a campaign where you put people in and send email automatically

Lead with value

It doesn’t matter how many times you send out emails, but it is important that your follow up with customers/leads and provide them value.
You can promote your product or your service but to be honest, nobody is waiting for that.

Fun, creative emails are the best way to get people interested in your brand. Give them what they want- an interesting read that has a lot of value!
The main thing you want to create, is to get people to know you, like you and trust you.

This is attraction marketing, after the process of liking and trusting you, they will purchase from you. This is all about you, so don’t push to sell your product but attract them with your value.

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When to start sending emails

As soon as you've generated some contact information in your list, it's time to start sending out emails. In order to become an effective email marketer, it’s important that you start as soon with your list building process. Starting early will allow for more opportunities and practice which are necessary in becoming a high-level writer of emails!

The second reason to start as soon as you can, is because people will remember your brand. If it takes you a year to get to for example 1000 followers, the first contacts won’t remember why they signed up for your email. They might unsubscribe or even worst mark your emails as spam!

So, to summarize it for you. Yes, you need to start as soon as possible with sending out emails, lead them with value and try to be consistent with how often you send emails. 

Which autoresponder

To do this, you need a autoresponder like for example Keap!
It will help you send your emails out professionally, and it’s really easy to work with. In this blog you can read every reason why to choose Keap.

If you have any other question, tech-related, don’t hesitate and check out my weekly Q&A.

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