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Krista is so unbelievably helpful and knowledgeable. Her expertise is undoubtedly some of the best I have seen and she has an amazing talent and way of explaining things to people who are less techy and social media savvy. Thank you for all your wonderful work Krista!


Krista is One Super Mom! and MLM Coach! I have seen how she approaches life and it is amazing.


Krista is super knowledgeable and goes over and beyond to help. Besides being competent, she's also a very warm and caring person...would feel comfortable recommending her to my friends and team members.

Teresa Jessen

I love having access to Krista's Q&A's. I've never heard a question Krista hasn't been able to answer, and she always stresses that there are no "stupid questions" except the ones you don't ask! When you ask a question about how to do something, Krista doesn't just tell you or show you how to do it -- she has you share your screen and walks YOU through how to do it, step by step, which is the best way to learn something and have it stick! Plus! You get access to her recorded calls so you can go back if need be. I highly recommend Krista's Q&A's!


Krista is a true leader, always willing to help! Every time she goes Live I learn something new. Make sure you subscribe to her posts!

Ellen McShane

Thank you for all you have done for me. Without your help, I would still be sitting at my desk wondering why I cannot move forward.


Krista is truly one of the best coaches for online training and marketing with Social Media I've ever met. She has incredible skills and knowledge. She's so willing to share her knowledge and help you right where you are, no matter what your level of technical experience is. Thanks to what I've learned from Krista I now have a steady flow of 20 - 60 qualified leads coming to me everyday. I can't recommend Krista highly enough!

Chuck and Susan Kewin

Krista has been an incredible source of help for me as a highly technologically challenged person. I am also very thankful for her skill to critically look at my website with a knowledgeable and creative eye.

Ed Anderson 

Not only is Krista extremely knowledgeable, she also has the ‘Patience of Job’ to accept the task of assisting me.

Susan Cagle

The vast knowledge of email marketing and business tech Krista shared in her One on One’s and Q&A helped me grow inside my coaching business. I am grateful to have learned about Keap and all it has to offer from Krista.

Deb Andrews

I got on a Q & A with Krista to learn more about how Keap works. It was very interesting to watch and learn and listen to the questions asked and her answers.

Krista also helped me with a tech issue on my website. As I was recreating the website that someone had built for me, I consider myself a "newbie" with this technology of a website.

I can't explain what happened however something that was only supposed to be for one of my pages went to ALL of my pages. Krista came to the rescue as a few things that I felt safe in trying didn't work. She had it fixed in a matter of moments. She did explain to me that it was not my fault for what happened.

She answered all my questions. I am so grateful to have her in my corner for the technology I am still learning.

Eric Fakunle

Every time I get on Krista’s Q&A session she walks me through my tech challenges. She helped me set up my autoresponder and email sequence. I get leads every day because of her help. I also learned a lot from watching her help other people. She is very knowledgeable and patient.

Felicia Faerch

I used to get so frustrated with the technical side of the business that I would cry - in fact, I cried on my first call with Krista! That was in 2018, and that was the last time I cried about tech. With Krista’s guidance I’ve become somewhat tech-savvy and whenever I come up against something I find difficult I write it down, leave it, and bring it to her calls - I would not be without Krista.


GAH! You are simply AMAZING! Thank you so much for your time and expertise today in getting my business ON TRACK! Your passion for helping other entrpereneurs brings a light to our wolrd! xox michelle


Krista always knows exactly which way to direct me in my business. Thanks to her guidance and technology knowledge, my business just keeps growing bigger and bigger! She's amazing!


Krista you are a God send present for me! Without you, being where I am now with my business would not have been possible. Thanks to your expertise and skills I was able to set up a online course program and my sites are running like never before! You are my Golden Digital Dutchess and hope you will be for many years to come!

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