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     Krista showed up at exactly the right time for me!     

Krista showed up at exactly the right time for me! I had seen people in our entrepreneurial Facebook community praise her work and decided to investigate how she could help me translate my vision into a website…

An actual destination online that would serve as THE PLACE where I share meaningful content promote my passions and create an accountability tribe in a simple, easy to look at and easy to use way.

She did just that!

What I loved about working with Krista is… she not only does the work, she also takes the next step to show you how to do it too.

Her efforts are collaborative which I personally appreciated. I wanted the benefit of someone to sort through all the nitty gritty that I didn’t want to spend time learning yet I also wanted to be able to understand the general ins and outs of developing the site so that I could own it and improve it moving forward.

During our project together, Krista and I communicated mostly via Messenger and email, which was PERFECT given the time zone differences between us.

We also did a couple of video chat sessions which were always a super valuable use of time. Krista truly is a Digital Dutchess!

And I am honored to endorse her work, be her client and have found in her a new friend.

Wendy Kaszak